“Such an amazing horror set! Terrified from start to finish, my friend held my hand so hard I think she might have broken it! Definitely would recommend to everyone, so realistic” – Sarah Hamilton


“The ticket, the wait, the possibility of wetting myself in public: all worth it. The actors were talented, dedicated and composed, the setting was well orchestrated and organized. I'm not overly easy to scare but from the moment I set foot in the hostel I got that universal sense of blissful unease, and exhilarating terror. Just what I was looking for on Halloween weekend!!” – Janie Sparks


“Was the best experience ever. Was bloody terrifying. Highly recommend to everyone” – Rosie O’Shea


“Well done to all. Very scary. Don't go if your easily scared or afraid of the dark” – Amanda McGonagle


“Sore throat from all the screaming!!” – Lyndsay Byrne


“Scared the bejaysus out of me!” – Evelyn Crowley


“Just Amazing! Heart is still recovering, brilliantly performed.” – Ronnie Kaps


“Advice to people beforehand… Wear a nappy.” – Derek Power


“Shat myself. Class” – Dane Carroll


“Honestly the most scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my whole life - for someone who can actually watch scary movies and not get too afraid it honestly felt like I was going to die - never been so scared in my whole life definitely recommended people to go, it’s well worth the money and you'll enjoy it” – Alannah Merrigan


“Absolutely terrifying, each time you looked up there was something to scream at. Really impressed by the actors and the scares around every corner! Won't be sleeping easy tonight anyway!” – Jenny Shanahan