the nightmare realm brand ambassador

Ever wanted to work for us but it’s too scary to apply? 

What about becoming the next big influencer on social media? 

This year we’re giving you the chance. 

Meet your tribe. Share experiences. Have fun. 

Join the Cult.

Become a Nightmare Realm Ambassador.

The Nightmare Realm Ambassador program is an influencer based opportunity aimed to reach new and existing student customers. The Ambassadors main role is to create a buzz for our event, increase sales in your area and manage the Nightmare Realm brand on a collegiate level.

As an Ambassador for The Nightmare Realm you will be responsible for driving our brand image on social media as well as on school or collage campus, building connection to the event and ensuring long term loyalty starting within the school/college experience. An Ambassador must be passionate about The Nightmare Realm sharing enthusiasm and love for the brand within their peer groups. 

What’s in it for you?

As a Nightmare Realm brand Ambassador you will be an official representative of the brand with full uniform provided as well as exclusive discounts, opportunity to earn commission on sales, all time access to the event and our icon characters, behind the screams access and entry to our exclusive VIP end of year party.

Your Role

The role of an Ambassador for The Nightmare Realm is to increase brand awareness on social media as well as IRL. Upload high quality content to your social platforms daily wearing the brand, share all brand content to social, organise group bookings and earn commission on those bookings.
Know your market. Spot and Set the trends. Ensure visibility. Build distribution.


Uniform supplied. 20% discount on all merchandise. Opportunity to earn 10% commission in group sales. Bi-weekly pay. Exclusive special offers. Complimentary admission passes to the event. Access to our exclusive staff page, VIP end of year party, Opportunity for promotion. 

Extra Benefits

Besides being a part of the number one Halloween event in Ireland, working with us allows you to grow your online presence with our brands prestige backing you every step of the way. When you join our cult, you don’t just work for us. You become part of our Nightmare family. 

We want passionate, goal driven people who aren’t just followers of the brand. We want your undivided dedication. Not only do you become one of us when you join the cult, you meet like minded people who fast become your best friends in what’s so often been hailed as the best, most insane workplace – ever.

The finer details..

Responsibilities we will trust you with

Identify key groups within your area that we must win on campus – age/interests etc.

Build a campus plan that ensures an impact (aligned by local market needs) on the total undergraduate and graduate audience throughout semester in accordance with the Student Ambassador, engaging new users and diverse groups on campus via the following tactics:

Driving the brand on a daily basis in your college/school area.

Word of mouth advertisement.

Wearing of the brand merchandise on a daily basis.

Creating engagement/building image via The Nightmare Realm owned events, sharing TNR properties via social media,Integration of TNR brand with campus experiences and events

Drive visibility/availability of the event and passing on sales opportunities to TNR Office Team. 

Develop relationships with College/Schools to build brand loyalty among a variety of groups on campus.

Build relations with and secure coverage of TNR properties via the campus media.

Adhere to event//training guidelines to ensure quality execution in aspects of the role

Be a brand Expert

Act as a Nightmare Realm Ambassador at all times: professional and courteous to consumers/campus contacts/authorities

Become a credible brand expert: have and maintain an in-depth knowledge of the brand, the brands values, characters, storylines and Identify relevant images associated with TNR brand. 

Build brand awareness via social network sharing of relevant Nightmare Realm content

Sales Support

Ensure distribution and visibility of flyers/posters/information of the brand on and around campus

Regular visits to check point of sale displays/stock in areas in which they are dispensed.

Identify distribution opportunities on and around campus

Occasionally participate in meetings with TNR sales team to align marketing and sales strategies

Management and Administration 

Ensure a constant flow of new ideas on TNR online through Google Drive

Submit all relevant activity via Google Drive

Report on sales opportunities on and around campus

Aid in recruitment and training of the Student Ambassador

Identify future distribution opportunities and share relevant information with us.

What we need from you

You must be 16 years or older to apply. 

School/College/University enrollment required.

Have been previously to TNR event and have knowledge of our event/characters.

Fluent in English.

Reference of accomplishments prior to joining TNR.

Have a charismatic and outgoing personality.

Connected with a variety of influential groups in School/College/University

Must be a social butterfly – have the ability to work with a variety of groups and organizations in your School/College/University.

Passionate about the Nightmare Realm brand.

Must be a student in good standing with the School/College/University.

Creative and organisational, with prior successes in driving the creative process.

Functional knowledge of social media and networking.

Effective communication skills.

Responsible and self-motivated

Lives and represents the Nightmare Realm brand.

Sounds like your kind of thing?  

To Apply

Please note this role is for persons aged 16 and over.
You must be 16 by the 1st of September 2019 in order for us to consider your application.  This program is for persons ages 16+

Please submit a cover letter, a video*, CV and academic references to by the 25th of August 2019. In your cover letter/video, please include an explanation of why your experience is specifically relevant to this role at The Nightmare Realm including your social handles. We want to see your personal style – what makes you different from the rest and why you think your next opportunity is here with us. 

*video files to be no longer than 1 minute