Our opening times are as shown:

Day Date Cork Dublin
Friday 29/09/17 Closed 7pm-9.30pm
Saturday 30/09/17 Closed 7pm-9.30pm
Sunday 01/10/17 Closed 7pm-9pm
Monday 02/10/17 Closed Closed
Tuesday 03/10/17 Closed 7pm-9pm
Wednesday 04/10/17 Closed 7pm-9pm
Thursday 05/10/17 Closed 7pm-9pm
Friday 06/10/17 7pm-9.30pm 7pm-9.30pm
Saturday 07/10/17 7pm-9.30pm 7pm-9.30pm
Sunday 08/10/17 7pm-9.30pm Closed
Monday  09/10/17 Closed Closed
Tuesday 10/10/17 7pm-9pm Closed
Wednesday 11/10/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm
Thursday 12/10/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm
Friday 13/10/17 6pm-9.30pm 6pm-9.30pm
Saturday 14/10/17 6pm-9.30pm 6pm-9.30pm
Sunday 15/10/17 7pm-9.30pm 7pm-9.30pm
Monday 16/10/17 Closed Closed
Tuesday 17/10/17 Closed 7pm-9.30pm
Wednesday 18/10/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9.30pm
Thursday 19/10/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9.30pm
Friday 20/10/17 6pm-9:30pm 6pm-10pm
Saturday 21/10/17 6pm-10pm 6pm-10pm
Sunday 22/10/17 6pm-9pm 6pm-9.30pm
Monday 23/10/17 Closed Closed
Tuesday 24/10/17 7pm-9.30pm 7pm-9.30pm
Wednesday 25/10/17 7pm-9.30pm 7pm-9.30pm
Thursday 26/10/17 7pm-9.30pm 7pm-9.30pm
Friday 27/10/17 6pm-10pm 6pm-10pm
Saturday 28/10/17 5pm-10pm 5pm-10pm
Sunday 29/10/17 5pm-10pm 5pm-10pm
Monday 30/10/17 7pm-10pm 7pm-10pm
Tuesday 31/10/17 7pm-10pm 7pm-10pm
Wednesday 01/11/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm
Thursday 02/11/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm
Friday 03/11/17 7pm-9pm 7pm-9pm
Saturday 04/11/17 7pm-9pm Closed

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