'FREAK'uently Asked Questions

What is The Nightmare Realm?

The Nightmare Realm is Ireland’s premier scare house walk-through attraction. This year in Cork and Dublin the recurring nightmare is going to be bigger and freakier than ever before. Both venues will double in size this year. There will also be triple the terror with three spine tingling haunts in each location, a zombie shooting gallery, and an Apocalypse food and drinks entertainment zone, where there will be plenty of opportunities to take selfies with creatures of the Realm so you can share the scare.

Where is The Nightmare Realm?

In Cork we are located on Marina Walk. The Nightmare Realm is a 15 minute walk to Parnell Place bus station and 1.7km from Cork Kent train station.

In Dublin we are located at the RDS.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening times vary, check the tickets page for Cork and Dublin for opening times, and watch our Facebook page for updates. 

How long does it run for?

The Nightmare Realm will run throughout October 2017, check the booking page for specific timeslots. We will be closed some Mondays so be sure to double check those dates.

How long does it take to get through the Realm? 

It takes approximately 30 minutes to go through the realm but it is really down to the pace you go at yourself from room to room and floor to floor.

How much are the tickets?

See our Tickets Page for Cork and Dublin. Also keep an eye out for competitions to win free prizes and other stuff on our Facebook page 

How do I keep up to date on The Nightmare Realm?

Sign-up to our newsletter here on our website or become a fan on Facebook or on our Twitter page. You can also follow us on instagram and snapchat. Username: nightmarerealm

Is it first come first served?

To guarantee entry on the night, we recommend you book your tickets online. With our booking system, you can choose your preferred timeslot, which will reduce your wait time on the night.  In order to skip the queue , choose a FastPass for the date you dare to be scared!

Otherwise you can turn up on the night and buy on the door (subject to availability). Tickets purchased subject to T&C’s.

Do you do group packages?

Groups of 15 or more are offered a free pastpass upgrade, pending availability. This upgrade means you get the fastpass ticket at the regular adult ticket price (€20pp for Dublin and €18pp for Cork). The fastpass allows you to skip the queue allowing the quickest access into The Nightmare Realm.

Can I reserve tickets or do you take deposits?

We are not able to take reservations or accept deposits/part payments on orders. We can let you know the price and availability at the time of your query, once we receive payment in full we can make the booking and confirm your order with you. If your preferred time and/or price is no longer available when payment is received we can offer you an alternative or refund your payment.

Is there an age limit?

We are an over 13s event

How many people are allowed in at a time?

Approximately 5 people per group – but it really does depends on how many of you there are, what type of group you are and how busy it is.

How many floors are there?

I wouldn’t worry about how many floors there are, I’d worry about what’s in there!

In Cork and the RDS it is all on the same floor.

What if I want to leave half way through?

For those of you who are scaredy cats and want the characters to back off a little from you as you go through the realm, you can purchase Zombie insurance on the night at the realm for an extra €2. There are also security staff on hand to guide you out and emergency exits too so not to worry.

When will the pictures from last night go up?

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page – we have lots of them so it takes time! 

How much is a group photo?

Check back for 2017 prices as soon as we have them confirmed.

Can I see my photo on Facebook?

If you purchase it on the night it will also go up on Facebook. Only sold photos are uploaded to Facebook.

Can you remove my photo from Facebook please?

Yes, please private message us and we will do so our Email address is enquiries@thenightmarerealm.ie

Is it suitable for people with Epilepsy?

We advise against it.

Is it suitable for pregnant ladies?

This is at your own discretion.

Is it suitable for the ‘older folk’?

Yes, but again this is at your own discretion.

If you have a heart condition should you go?

This is at your own discretion but you will get unexpected frights which are probably not great for the ole ticker!

Can someone with reduced mobility go?

The both venues are wheelchair accessible.

Any jobs going?

Available jobs are advertisd on our Auditions/ Recruitment Page. We recruit creatures, make-up artists, admin staff etc.

If you would like to join the team, why not send your CV and pic (be creative!) to info@thenightmarerealm.ie

Can you help our Charity?

If you are a charity, thank you for your interest in The Nightmare Realm.  As you can imagine, we are inundated with charity requests and therefore we have decided to commit to annual charity partners. Please send the following details to info@thenightmarerealm.ie and mark the subject line as ‘Charity of the Year’.
Include charity name, charity Reg No, details of what the charity does and who the charity benefits, details of how you would like to partner with The Nightmare Realm, your reach, ie. supporters. We wish you the very best with all of your fundraising efforts.