Behind the screams

The Nightmare Realm is an elaborate and high-tech production utilising Hollywood-quality props, prosthetics and effects.

The “Realm Team” of talented designers, scenic artists, craftsmen, sound & lighting crews, and make-up artists work hard to create gruesome and heart-pounding effects.

With the evolution of 3D movies in cinemas, and a growing string of epic horror movies, our team want to go a step further, and put you in your own Nightmare!

Each year we audition for the best talent to play a role in our team. Our cast of ghastly creatures all have their unique roles to play in putting the fear into you!

behind the scenes props   


Who are Shivers & Badger?

More than just a couple of crazy clowns, Shivers & Badger are the official ‘Mascots’ of The Nightmare Realm. Found in hiding deep in the woods somewhere between Cork and Kerry, these two Clowns are rumoured to have escaped the confines of a Rare Diseases Research Laboratory. Strangely enough they had volunteered themselves for medical research a few years earlier….it’s thought they volunteered following a mad weekend of drinking green diesel (not recommended) and chasing wild animals out in-front of passing traffic (again not recommended).

Despite rumours, these two aren’t brothers, well not by birth anyway.

Shivers and BadgerShivers is of Austrian-Kyrgyzstan origin , with a little mix of a wise old Cherokee Indian from the Connemara mountains. Badger (Blue Hair) is a little bit more complicated due to an unhealthy relationship his grandfather had with a Mandrill Baboon (which explains his dance moves!).

It wasn’t until later in life while stalking a well known circus troupe, that Shivers actually met Badger, neither were successful in securing gain-full employment with said Circus troupe, as…well, frankly that involved them doing a days work, which neither are capable of doing!  Their first encounter set the tone for their sometimes fiery friendship (well the circus did ‘allegedly’ burn down). Those first few years together were spent wandering the globe, chasing women and wild animals…but that’s a whole different story that we may get into at some stage.

As mentioned, The Nightmare Realm crew only met up with S&B years later deep in the woods….and instantly we knew, these two messed up guys were exactly what we needed. Their lack of charm, complete ignorance of hygiene and deep  appreciation for disgusting habits appealed to us instantly!

These days Shivers and Badger live in a little chalet (well it’s a storage container sometimes used to store Road-Kill) in the woods not far from where we first met them. Each season we roll them out, hose them down and put them to work for The Nightmare Realm, taking out their troubled past on you! If you want them, if you need their help, if you are desperate (very, very desperate) or you just want to poke the wild beasts, then contact them on Facebook ( or Twitter  ( we can’t guarantee they’ll answer you, but sure give it a go anyway!