2018 Haunt Dublin


This year’s theme is ‘Witches Children’ and there will be three haunts – The Witches Hovel, Molly’s Murder House and the Meat Grinder.

The Witches Hovel

The Witches Hovel appears to be a tiny cabin set in a wooded area. It’s a dark earthen building, trees hold up the roof and there are hanging vines, rats and other unknown flesh from the ceiling. The cabin appears to have one room with and open fire, old cooking pots and various jars filled with questionable items. Milucra, an ancient Irish witch, lives here with her two children Molly and Thomas.  

The witch whispers in old tongue and riddles, “in returnith to him, I givith the soles of the lost.....lost like you”. You have stumbled across her secret to life and now you cannot leave.


Molly's Murder House

 Molly is a crazed little girl whose motives are unclear at the start of the event, maybe she just wants to be part of your family! Is Molly helping you escape? Molly’s murder house is a twisted family tale turned sour.  Whatever scares you, lives here.


Smilers Abattoir

Smilers Abattoir is where you meet Thomas. It is the most disturbing haunt The Nightmare Realm has ever created. You shuffle down the killing line with dead pigs towards a flashing beacon - what’s beyond this opening might be your end. The smells burn your eyes, “time to squeal little piggy!”