2017 Haunt Cork

The Realm Slaughterhouse

The Realm Slaughterhouse have been producing fine quality meats for generations. Mad cow disease didnt affect any of our produce.... unfortunately

we can’t the same for some of our staff. On your tour of our factory please keep your hands clear of the meat grinder unless you want to be part

of our mystery meat burgers. Our Pig Butchers keep the sharpest of knives!



Chops Carnevil

Roll up, Roll up see these freaks in all their glory! meet the lizard boy and the half bird man. Our clowns will keep you entertained all night,

they may even follow you home, that’s if you make it out alive. Don’t ask what happened to Jiggles nose, remember kids it’s not nice to stare.

Get you fortune told and have a run around our Big Top, we may even keep you as one of our acts.



Torrence Manor

Torrence Manor has long been rumoured to be haunted. The Manor has changed ownership over the years - it was once a stately home of a tyrant landlord and then it was turned into an orphanage for demonic children. The Manor currently employs nurses to sedate the inhabitants that roam the dark corridors of this imposing building. Children’s nursery rhymes can be heard at night and visitors often find themselves being lured to a whisper beyond a mirror.

It is said if you stay long enough, the crooked man will hunt you down.